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Coachella is a music festival organized by the LA based concert promoter Goldenvoice (a subsidiary of AEG Live) and takes place annually at the Empire Polo Club in ...

Art for 2007 included: The Do LaB, Lucent Dossier Experience, Johnny America, Syd Klinge: Tesla Coil, Brian Corndog: KA Labyrinth, Mark Lottor: Cubatron, Cyclecide Bike Rodeo, Kinetic Steam Works, Jamie Vaida: Goes Around Comes Around Carousel, Stronghold Productions: FirePod, Michael Christian: ., and Babel, Sean Sobczak: Love and Dragons, Domes Guys: 90' Dome, Jason Hackenworth: Megamite Army, Dorothy Trojanowski: Rubber Horses, Perpetual Art Machine, NON Designs, Mark Esper: It's in the Air and Enlightenment, Brose Partington: Tide, Greg de Gouveia: Cubed []3, Jim Bowers: Terrasphere, Hotshot the Robot, LT Mustardseed: Aquatic Temple of Chill, Stefano Corazza: Field of Sunflower Robots, Sasstown Crew (Portland): Threemove, Rosanna Scimeca: St. Taudry's, manIC. Philip Blaine curated.

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