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Feito com amor em Belo Horizonte
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An earlier version of this article referred incorrectly to the occupation of Justin Harvey. He is the managing director of global incident response at Accenture Security, not the chief security officer for the Fidelis cybersecurity company.

01: The Curse
02: Merciless Decay
03: Prophecy Of War
04: Chaos Rising
05: Order To Defend
06: Omen
07: Thorns Of Existence
08: The Alliance
09: Ascend To Power
10: Spoils Of The Past

Lethal saint have joined forces with “Emanesmetal Records” (France), to release the first mind-blowing 7’ inch vinyl record in collaboration with “Dying Victim’s Productions” (Germany) and “Under Siege Records” (France)! This release will be composed of two songs already present in the “Saint Strikes Back” single’s tracklist. Release date will[…]

Martial has been on the pitch for just 269 minutes in the Premier League, compared to 876 for Vardy. Okazaki has played 455 minutes, while the City trio of Sane, Sterling and Jesus have all played at least 500 minutes each.

Genre : Heavy Metal
Year : 2010
Country : Cyprus (Nicosia)
Audio codec : MP3
Riptype : tracks
Bitrate : 320 kbps
Playtime : 01:10:57
Size: 165 MB
Tracklist :
1. Chains of the Devil 05:40
2. Final Prayer 05:11
3. Thunder Strikes 05:54
4. Evil Inside 04:56
5. Heavy Metal Knights 05:21
6. You’re a Sinner 04:42
7. Night of the Sin 06:26
8. Rock ‘n’ Roll Survivor 06:12
9. Visions in the Night 08:06
10. Midnight Warriors 04:26
11. Wild in the Night 08:00
12. Lethal Saint 06:03 :

  • Part 1 – http:///file/2479753/SM_
  • Part 2 – http:///file/2479751/SM_

Country: Cyprus
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release: 2015 (Full-length)
Quality: [email protected] 320 kbps
Size: MB (.rar)

The Leningrad Blockade was lifted on 27 January 1944, but the war raged on for over a year, as Soviet soldiers marched hundreds of miles towards Berlin. On 7 May 1945, the German High Command signed the unconditional surrender documents and the war that had claimed the lives of 25 million Soviet citizens was finally over. Because of the heroism of its inhabitants who refused to submit despite unendurable conditions, Leningrad became the first Soviet city to receive the Hero City award in 1945.

Lethal Saint - Saint Strikes BackLethal Saint - Saint Strikes BackLethal Saint - Saint Strikes BackLethal Saint - Saint Strikes Back