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This is a unique project of appreciating modern art while traveling on a shinkansen . The difficulty in setting up big installations in the confined space of a ...

She dislikes schoolwork just as much as Kenta , and it is because of this that the two are very good friends, although her more romantic feelings are reserved for  Shun . In episode 17, Miku was hit by an evolution gun and became "Super MegaPink" ( 超メガピンク , Chō Mega Pinku ) which turned the colored squares on her costume gold.  In this form, Miku could wield the other Megaranger's weapons on her own and possessed super strength along with an IQ of 800 and a more calm and contemplative personality. Unfortunately, she also began to suffer painful headaches but was hesitant to return to normal for fear of being a burden onto the others.  But when Chisato told her that they would rather have the old Miku than risk losing her, Miku exposed herself to a de-evolution blast and was restored to normal.

Gen Hoshino - Yellow DancerGen Hoshino - Yellow DancerGen Hoshino - Yellow DancerGen Hoshino - Yellow Dancer