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Overall, I have so far enjoyed the simplicity and consistency of the language, although there are few things I wish were done a bit differently. My eight-year-old son also picked Lua syntax quickly, which reminded me a lot about my experience with Turbo Pascal decades ago.

One motivation technique that has an upside is the use of one on one management and motivation of employees. Leigh Buchanan of Inc. magazine notes that companies use individualized motivational techniques successfully by finding out what makes each employee tick and using that as a source of inspiration and growth. Providing employees with flexible hours and other individual perks shows the employee that the company cares about him as an individual and is looking out for his well being. The downside to individualized management and motivation is that it can be time-consuming, resource-draining and very difficult because of the variety of ways that employees respond to different forms of motivation.

2. It’s great for games
The games made specifically for the iPad are great. Civilization Revolution is my favorite by far (except when it crashes constantly) but, contrary to my earlier assessment , Plants v. Zombies is fun as well. As Nicholas noted, Nintendo should be scared .

Various Good-Bad But Not Evil!Various Good-Bad But Not Evil!Various Good-Bad But Not Evil!Various Good-Bad But Not Evil!